STEM Education - OOU Vidoe Podgorec

Martina and Bobi devote their free time to research projects and missions that enrich people's and kids' mindsets of what a woman in STEM and Space Exploration looks like, breaking many biases along the way.

Martina and Bobi take their Space roles quite seriously, thus, they introduced the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and became the first National Points of Contact for N. Macedonia, holding lectures to further enhance the understanding of SGAC.

Martina Dimoska and Bobi Sofronijoski received the warmest welcome of 'OOU Vidoe Podgorec' in Strumica and through their stories, they were able to inspire young kids to dream and expand their horizons.

MFor the first time ever in her country, Martina could finally hear so many girls wanting to become Astronauts and claim that dream loudly since they could relate to a diverse leader like herself. Representation matters. Platforming role models matter. Even if we're not there yet and we're still climbing our career ladder, with all of its ups and downs, we're a part of the change of mindset necessary to happen if we want our society to change for the better.

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