LSI Grants Program Application

Description: Limitless Space Institute is pleased to announce its second biennial grant cycle with the goal of providing measurable and consistent support for pursuing interstellar research. This call for proposals is seeking to support grants that can be categorized as a tactical grant, a strategic grant, or a fellowship grant.

The tactical grant is anticipated to have a theoretical focus (≤$100k) while the strategic grant would have an empirical element (≤$250k). The fellowship grant can be either a two-year graduate fellowship (≤$60k/year) or a two-year postdoctoral fellowship (≤$90k/year). The period of performance for the winning grants is expected to be 12-18 months duration for the tactical/strategic grants and 24 months for the fellowship grants. The start date for the winning proposals is anticipated to be the beginning of the 2022 academic fall semester.

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