Workshop 'Galactic Time Portal' Sold Out at Hello Space EU!

At the HELLO SPACE Festival held in Sofia Tech Park Miss Martina Dimoska and Professor Zorica Masnikosa-Pop Trajkova held a workshop that sold out the moment it aired, titled 'Galactic Time Portal' contained two educative components: theoretical and experimental.

The theoretical part aimed to educate the participants about the first optical instrument called Galileoscope, and it covered the basic information about telescopes, participants learned how to define the characteristic physical dimensions of the instruments: telescope and magnifying glass. They defined the rays in order to get a picture with the instruments and they had to explain the results.

The experimental part challenged participants to have hands-on learning where in groups, the four teams titled: 'Einstein', 'Tesla', 'Rutherford' and 'Planck' had to compete with one another and had to assemble the instrument Galileoscope, and then use the telescope as well as the magnifying glass to determine what kind of images they portray.

The participants had a proactive discussion with Martina and Zorica, and for all correct answers to peculiar questions, they got awards from the partners supporting our endeavor: SOOUD Dimitar Vlahov Strumica, International Space Alliance, Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, and the Municipality of Strumica in N.Macedonia

Bellow is the image gallery of the event:

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Martina on the workshop Martina on the workshop Kids working on the project Team Einstein Team Planck Team Tesla Team Rutherford